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ToolKit Components

Toolkit Components

Web and Digital Tools for Your School to Use Now
NASPAA Created Online Videos to Recruit Prospective Students
Are you maximizing the effectiveness of your school’s website?  Cross-check your school’s website with a checklist of basic website functions, use “How To” instructions that will help you access prospective and current students, and learn about online opportunities and career information for students.    
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Use the prospective student video (or PowerPoint presentation) created by NASPAA when you are interacting with potential students.  Prospective students can learn more about our degrees and hear from MPA/MPP alumni about the great work they are doing and why  getting their MPA/MPP was the right graduate degree decision.

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Ready to Use Print and Web Advertisements

 Be a Part of the MPA/MPP Global Brand: Download and Use the MPA/MPP Logo
With the help of an outside consultant, NASPAA has created a series of ads that utilize the tagline "Go Public" to advertise the MPA/MPP degrees and your school. Ads are provided in several formats so you can use them in various publications and on the web.

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With the help of an outside consultant, NASPAA has created an MPA/MPP logo that allows for quick and easy identification of the MPA/MPP degrees across multiple communication and marketing channels.  Here you can download different versions of the new logo to use in publications, advertisements, and online as a supplement to your own school’s logo.

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Recruiting Students with On-Campus and NASPAA Tools Marketing Examples from other MPA/MPP Schools
There are some basic yet effective ways to recruit both on-campus and with NASPAA provided tools.
This section has 5 tips and ideas including how to engage alumni, using career centers and doing inexpensive targeted web-ads via Facebook..      

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Why reinvent the wheel? Other MPA/MPP prorgrams have successfully used different tools to reach and recruit prospective students. They have shared their results in a short ‘case brief’ essay highlight their ideas, thoughts and tips on how you can do the following:
  • Use GRE test list to mail prospective students
  • Podcasts about your program for I-Tunes
  • Re-branding your school or program
  • Creating a You Tube channel with videos
  • Recruite without recruiting staff

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