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ToolKit Components

MPA/MPP Marketing Overview

What are the Components of the NASPAA Communications and Marketing Toolkit and Who Should Use It?

How Branding and Marketing Work…and How They Can for Your School
Distribute the toolkit to the staff members your school so you can work as a team to better market the MPA/MPP degrees. See a list of the Toolkit components and/or where your team members can click their position to find the tools that are best suited for them.
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Not sure what some of the marketing lingo means? Learn the basics of branding and marketing and why NASPAA is giving you the tools to increase your ability to do both.

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What do MPA/MPP Students Think About Graduate Degrees, Schools, and Careers?

Key Value Messages of MPA/MPP Degrees Derived from Survey Research
NASPAA surveyed students to find out:
    1. How they heard about the MPA/MPP degree
    2. How they choose their MPA/MPP program
    3. How they want to make a difference with the MPA/MPP degree after graduation
    See what they said and how it can help you better market your program.
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Using survey research, the NASPAA marketing committee created value statements that accurately identify the value that MPA/MPP students bring to the workplace and the world. Use these messages when talking with prospective students, current students, alumni, and others.

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