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Be a Part of the MPA/MPP Global Brand: Download and Use the MPA/MPP Logo

Why did NASPAA create an MPA/MPP logo?

For a national association representing more than 260 member schools and many graduate degrees in public service, a MPA/MPP logo acts as a basic visual cue to send a consistent message to audiences such as prospective students and employers. While NASPAA has a logo for the organization (Click here to see), it did not have one representing the degrees of our schools. The previous logo was meant for internal audiences (Deans, faculty, staff), while the newly designed MPA/MPP logo is meant for external audiences (students, employers). The education icon (mortarboard) also visually signifies the opportunity to work in the sectors represented by the other icons once an individual has completed an MPA/MPP degree.  Ultimately, the new logo allows for easy and quick identification of the MPA/MPP degrees across multiple communication and marketing channels.

 NASPAA worked with senior staff, NASPAA Marketing Committee, and a design consultant to develop and design the new logo. We used survey research and analysis to support our discussions and decisions.

Should member schools still use their institution's logo?

Yes, by all means. The new logo is designed to supplement your school’s logo as a way to unify the MPA/MPP brand. By using both your logo and the MPA/MPP logo, you can communicate your school's particular brand image and association with a larger, nationwide grouping of schools and degrees.  Be sure to identify any policies your school has about using external logos in printed materials or on the web before you use the new MPA/MPP logo.

Reasons for Logo Design

The two prime audiences for the new logo are prospective students and employers. This way we can focus on the icons representing different work sectors (Government, International, Nonprofit, Education) and clearly spell out the full wording of both the MPA and MPP along with additional phrase "Professional Public Service."  We were not looking for a pretty logo design but something that both visually and textually connected public affairs education and the MPA/MPP degrees for public service careers and professionalism.  Here are the reasons for the main design elements:

  • Having a top line statement of what we are about: "Graduate Degrees for Professional Public Service"
  • Large fonts for MPA & MPP degree designations
  • Smaller fonts spelling out what MPA & MPP stands for: Masters of Public Administration; Affairs and/or Policy
  • Easy recognition by using simplified icons to represent employment sectors of government, nonprofits and international work
  • The main color blue, accented by semi-bright icon colors, works to attract the eye and to communicate the diversity, quality, and vibrancy of MPA/MPP graduates. 

Where and how to use the new logo

NASPAA is asking that you use the MPA/MPP logo as part of your external communications to further brand our degrees and allow easier visual communication for key audiences.  Here are the prime places we see the use of the MPA/MPP logo:

  • On your school website
  • In printed materials such brochures and newsletters
  • In advertisements you place in newspapers, magazines, on the web, etc.
  • In marketing materials you  may be using or developing
  • On stationary and letterhead

Action Items

  • Select the logo version that matches the degree/s your school offers.
  • Download the logo by clicking the correct version (web or in printed materials).

Bright Ideas

·         Place the logo on your website so visitors can associate your school with the MPA/MPP degrees.

·         Use the logo in your school’s marketing materials or newsletters.

·         Use the logo when you or a representative of your school is making a presentation to prospective students (i.e., in PowerPoint presentations, on signage).


Visit http://www.naspaa.org/Toolkit/Logos.asp for downloadable full size versions of the MPA/MPP Logo. See below for an example MPA/MPP Logo.



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