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Recruit Your Future Students with On-Campus and NASPAA Tools


Investigate the Decision-Making Process Students go thru in Selecting a School. 

Connect with Your on-Campus Career Center 

Marketing with Free MPA/MPP Info Cards 

Ways to Engage Your Alumni 

Buy a Web Ad on Facebook for as Little as $10/day 

NASPAA Overview of the MPA/MPP Student Decision-Making Process

Following a conversation of the NASPAA staff, we have put together a PDF file that shows how we visualize the MPA/MPP students’ decision-making process.  The process begins with the student having the idea of getting an MPA/MPP degree and then later, finishes with the student accepting an offer from a MPA/MPP graduate school.  The schema does not fit every school, process or student.  However, we believe there is value in visually looking at the general process students follow to decide to pursue MPA/MPP degrees.

Download Decision Process PDF  


Action Items 

  • Think through the MPA/MPP Student Decision-Making Process.  Which parts can you improve upon at your school? 
  • Select the areas your school will prioritize to focus on to strengthen the student recruitment and matriculation process for your program.


Bright Ideas

  • Host a brown bag or roundtable with the MPA/MPP Student Decision Making Process as the topic so your staff and students can weigh in on the process and consider where your school can improve.


Working with your Campus-wide Career Center

University Career Centers often interact with students who have questions about the possible options they have upon completion of their undergraduate degree.  It is possible that Career Center advisors do not know about the MPA/MPP degrees and how they serve as a gateway to a lifetime of professional public service.  NASPAA believes it is important to network with these Career Centers so that they may aid in MPA/MPP student recruitment.


Action Items

  • Introduce yourself to individuals working in your University’s Career Center.  Tell them about the MPA/MPP degrees and the value they provide to those who earn them.
  • Find out how you can be a part of Campus Career Center events like graduate, career, and resource fairs so that you can have additional contact with current and prospective students. 


Bright Ideas

  • Offer a supply of MPA/MPP info cards to the Career Center so that cards can be given to interested students who want to learn more about the degrees. Call or email Maya at Purepostcards. You just pay shipping of $10-20. Maya’s ph #: 866-413-1562 Toll Free, email: maya@purepostcards.com.



Complimentary and Customizable MPA/MPP info cards

The MPA/MPP Info Cards showcase high achieving MPA/MPP alumni and offer several websites that prospective students may visit for more information.
Click here to see info card sample.

The cards are the same size as a postcard so they are easy to carry and to distribute; they can also be mailed.  NASPAA will provide 100 cards at no cost to you.  Call or email Maya at Purepostcards. You just pay shipping of $10-20. Maya’s ph #: 866-413-1562 Toll Free, email: maya@purepostcards.com.

Action Items

  • Give MPA/MPP info cards to your campus-wide Career Center to have on hand for undergraduates who are making post-graduation plans.
  • Place MPA/MPP info cards with other printed materials your program gives/sends to interested students.
  • Leave MPA/MPP info cards in the main greeting area/lobby of your program.
  • Create a label that has your school name, web address and contact details. Stick/attach the label to the MPA/MPP Info Card. It's now customized for your school!

Shine the Spotlight on MPA/MPP Alumni

Thousands of MPA/MPP alumni are successful graduates of U.S. MPA/MPP schools.  Our alumni have demonstrated exceptional ability to think and act locally, nationally and globally. To help prospective students understand the diverse career opportunities in which MPA/MPP graduates spend their lives, NASPAA has compiled a roster of MPA/MPP alumni and has made this information available on the NASPAA website.


Action Items

  • Place a link to the NASPAA MPA/MPP alumni web page on your school’s website so prospective students can learn more about MPA/MPP alumni and their careers.
  • Let prospective students know about http://www.naspaa.org/alumni/index.asp when you are giving away information at graduate fairs or other student recruitment events.


Bright Ideas


Buy a Web Ad on Facebook for as Little as $10/day

Placing an ad on Facebook is easy and cost effective.  For about $10/day, you can place an ad that you know you is reaching your target market.  Following the instructions below allows you to place an ad, a process that takes about as much time as buying an airline ticket to Hawaii from expedia.com.


How to create a Facebook ad

1.      Visit  http://www.facebook.com/ads/

2.      Click the large, green button “Get Started” box. Facebook will then take you to the making of your ad.

3.      In the first part, you will enter the web page you wish to advertise. This could be your school’s MPA/MPP home page or graduate admissions homepage. Once you have entered your page, click “Continue”.



4.      In this section, you will select your target audience.

a.      {Location: Leave the “Everywhere” option selected

b.      Sex: Check Male and Female

c.       Age: Leave as 18-Any

d.      Keywords: Do not enter anything here

e.      Education Status:

                                                                                                        i.            Select “In College”

1.      Enter your college. Facebook should auto-complete the name once you enter a few letters.

2.      Enter the following majors. Again, Facebook should auto-complete the name once you enter a few letters

a.      Political Science

b.      Economics

c.       History

d.      Law

e.      English

3.      Select the following Years: Junior, Senior

                                                                                                      ii.            Leave Workplaces, Political Views and Relationship Status empty

                                                                                                    iii.            Click “Continue”}



5.      Next, Facebook will take you to the creation of the actual ad. Please note that Facebook has strict standards for capitalization and punctuation. In order to ensure that your ad is properly formatted, use the following text for your ad:

a.      Title

                                                                                                        i.            Into Public Service?

b.      Body

                                                                                                        i.            Thinking about grad school at (your school's name here)? Check out the MPA/MPP degrees and see what a master’s can do for you!

c.       Photo

                                                                                                        i.            In this box, we suggest using a photo of your school’s logo or mascot.

1.      Find a picture on your school’s homepage or other website. Right click on the photo you wish to use and save it to your computer (if it is not already saved).

2.      Next, on the create ad page, use the drop down menu in the “Photo” section to select “Upload a Photo”

a.      Click on the “Browse” button

b.      Find your photo on your computer

c.       Click “Open”

d.      Let Facebook upload the photo. When it is finished, you will see your photo appear on the right.

e.      Click “Continue”


6.      You will then be taken to the “Set Budget” page. This is where Facebook will guide you through setting your budget. The best deal for Facebook ads is the “Pay per clicks” model, where you can set a daily budget as well as how much you want to pay for each time someone clicks on your ad. Click the “More Information” link if you would like this explained further.

a.      Decide on a budget. Facebook will not charge more than this amount to your credit card daily.

b.      Decide on a bid. Facebook should suggest a bid range. We recommend bidding the highest amount of the suggested bid to ensure your ad appears often.

c.       Schedule: Run your ad only during specific dates. This way, you can control how much you spend and keep in line with your budget. For example, running the ad several weeks before your admission deadline would appeal to those last minute applicants.


7.      Next, Facebook will ask you whether you have an account or not. If you are a student setting up the ad for an employer, or do not have an account, select “I do not have a Facebook account”. Otherwise, the ad statistics can only be viewed by the user whose name is entered.

a.      If you selected “I do not have a Facebook account”, then fill out the information in the spaces provided.

b.      Respond to the confirmation e-mail that Facebook sends.

8.      Finally, Facebook will take you to the final page. You can review your ad here, and also pay.  Once your ad is created, you will be able to see how often it is viewed (impressions) and how many people seek more information by clicking on the ad (clicks).

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