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Suggested Web and Advertising Firms to Further Assist Your School

Preferred Vendors

Does your website need improvement?  Is it optimized for search?  Do you want to create ads targeted for your school?  NASPAA has selected two communications firms that they have worked with on communication related projects.  We have worked with them to create specialized consulting services for NASPAA member schools. 




Chris Hand is the founding designer at Yellow Couch Communications based out of Atlanta and New York City. Mr. Hand has worked on large-scale projects for Coca Cola and smaller ones relating to MPA/MPP schools. If you are seeking to develop custom-made print or web ads contact Chris in order to get a price quote and other details.  http://www.yellowcouch.com

Email: Chand@yellowcouch.com.   Phone: 917. 684.9695






Forum One Communications, a leading consultant for public policy focused organizations. It provides NASPAA members a concise and valuable Web Site Audit service.


The audit is to identify how well the website of a graduate school is performing in serving key audiences including prospective students, employers, faculty members, and the media. The audit looks at four areas where performance is critical to serve these audiences well - online prominence, the online “user experience”, the quality of the web site technology, and the value of site services and functions. The audit will answer 2 critical questions for schools: 

  • How well does a website perform against standard best practices?
  • What are ways to improve the effectiveness of a school website in serving its key audiences?


The audit will be delivered to a school as a three-page report with findings and recommendations, and be followed by a 45-minute phone consultation with the Forum One audit team.


Of our team of 35, three of our co-founders and senior managers are graduates of public policy programs. We bring to our work a passion for making progress on critical policy issues, and leveraging the power of online services to help organizations succeed in their work.


Our staff brings all of the skills in online strategy and cutting-edge technologies required to plan, develop and implement an influential internet strategy.  Our staff includes project managers, senior strategists, graphic designers, database and computer systems specialists, and policy analysts. 


Forum One’s clients include a range of policy and research, education, foundation, and government agencies, including: NASPAA, the University of Chicago/Graduate School of Business, the Gates Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts, the National Council of La Raza, the World Bank, the Center for Global Development, the Nature Conservancy, and others. 


Forum One has been since 1996 a leading advisor to organizations including research organization, advocacy groups, academia, foundations, and the government sector. Forum One specializes in web strategy and web technology for public policy-focused issues and audiences. Forum One also designs, builds and manages of sophisticated online services and online communities.




In 2007 Forum One was thrilled to be named one of Washingtonian Magazine’s Great Places to Work (http://www.forumone.com/blogs/post/washingtonian-names-forum-one-communications-great-place-work).  We believe this award validates our approach in building a company of smart people dedicated to working on important global issues, by doing innovative and insightful work, and at the same time building a fun and successful organization. Our Forum One tag line defines well our passion:  Communicate.  Collaborate.  Change the World.


More information at:



Article on Forum One founders being MPA/MPP graduates: [click here]




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