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How Branding and Marketing Work and How They Can Work for Your School

Brands act as a common “shorthand” individuals can use when talking about a good or service.  Branding provides a connection from the services and products you offer, to the customer you serve through these basic elements: 

  • An emotional element (i.e., change the world, make a difference)
  • A relevant promise (i.e., we deliver professional training for public service)
  • Consistent visual cues (i.e., use of logo, slogan)

Brands are physically expressed through logos, jingles, mottos, etc., and create value for organizations who are able to connect with individuals through brand elements.  Communicating a global MPA/MPP brand as well as your individual school’s brand allows you to make a promise you can deliver to students.  Establishing your brand reputation will increase your degree's current value and potential successes for the future.


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