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Key Value Messages of MPA/MPP Degrees Derived from Survey Research

Using the 2007 NASPAA survey results, the NASPAA marketing committee engaged in dialogue to produce core messages and value propositions.  These core messages and value propositions are statements that describe the benefits and overall value that come with the MPA/MPP degrees, and can be used to attract prospective students to university programs.  Not only do these value propositions appeal to prospective students, they can also serve as an anchor for employers to see and understand the skill set of MPA/MPP graduates.  As a part of the branding and marketing effort, NASPAA is using these value propositions to showcase the significance of the MPA/MPP degrees and asks that member schools join in the effort to share the value of the degrees.  The value propositions, as determined by the NASPAA Marketing Committee, are as follows. 


MPA/MPP graduates:

·         Understand context and possess judgment

·         Are dedicated to mission and have a sense of ethics

·         Act as problem solvers

·         Remain flexible so as to take on different problems, issues, and challenges

·         Come prepared with a full set of management skills

·         Take initiative to proactively move things forward

·         Understand politics and government

·         Have specialized knowledge and unique competencies

·         Are motivated to serve

·         Possess an awareness of situational terrains and an ability to adapt


MPA/MPP Degrees:

·         Are versatile degrees for different career options

·         Give you real world applications in order to solve challenging applications

·         Let students develop cross-cutting and transferable skill sets

·         Are pragmatic degrees that help you advance the public good

Action Items

·         Select the messages from the lists above that connect to your program and use them to supplement the strategic messages you are already using.

Bright Ideas

Use the key messages of MPA/MPP degrees in the marketing materials you create and use for your school, in presentations your school makes to prospective students, and/or on your website to convey the value of the MPA/MPP degrees to your website’s visitors.  

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