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Connect to the MPA/MPP Channel on YouTube

 Video for Prospective Students (alumni interviews, MPA/MPP Student Videos)

Video is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages, especially the ages of prospective MPA/MPP students.  In an effort to connect with this audience of tech-savvy students, NASPAA created a video channel on YouTube with content related to MPA/MPP degree information, interviews with ‘star’ and recent alums, and videos made by MPAs/MPPs.  We suggest linking from your school’s website to the MPA/MPP YouTube page so that prospective students can learn more about our degrees and the career opportunities they provide, as well as hear from current alumni professionals on how thier degrees helped them.


The main video tool NASPAA created is the Prospective Student Video which gives an overview of MPA/MPP degrees. It provides a definition of the degrees, information on schools, statistics on salaries and careers, and links to more online resources for prospective students.  You can link to the video so prospective students can play it directly from your website and you can use it when presenting MPA/MPP information live in front of an audience.



“FYI: According to research from Nielsen Online's VideoCensus, teens are racking up many hours worth of online video views each month. During the month of April, viewers aged 2 to 11 watched an average of 118 minutes of online video, viewers aged 12 to 17 watched 132 minutes, and viewers over 18-years-old averaged 99 minutes watched. YouTube is still the most-watched source for online video for teens, garnering a full 5 million more teen viewers than runner-up MySpace.”

Action Items


Bright Ideas

·         We suggest making the link from your webpage to the MPA/MPP YouTube channel with one of the following logos and the following phrase:  MPAs/MPPs on YouTube.


·         Play the MPA/MPP Channel when you or a representative of your school engages in face to face, group interactions with prospective students (i.e., informational sessions, presentations, resource fairs). 


Feature a MPA/MPP alumni from your school.  Submit name and contact information, or a video in a similar format to those videos already posted, to Scott Talan at talan@naspaa.org.


Note:  The pause and stop buttons may be pressed at any point during the MPA/MPP YouTube video to allow more time to view the information on the slide.

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